Hoardable at Milford Green

Hoardable is always on the move. We pride ourselves on our consistent presence at local farmers markets because how else can you even know if you like something, unless you try it firsthand?

Milford Greens isn’t just another place where markets are hosted. Its not only a historical landmark, but a gathering of several premiere, local businesses, including Hoardable Hotsauce. Its’ the perfect opportunity to display homemade, all natural, savory sauce for Milford’s community.

Just so you know…everyone loved it who tried it! You aren’t going to find a sauce like Hoardable in any condiments aisle in the super market. So either order it off our new site (courtesy of Digital Chair), or find us at the next gathering at Milford Green, or any other even in the tristate area. We call it Hoardable, but we sure are trying to let everyone try some of our sauce!

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